Indian Penny Coin Cufflink

Indian Penny Coin Cufflink

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Product Description

Indian Head penny cufflinks in sterling silver

The Indian Head Penny was designed by James Barton Longacre, the engraver at the Philadelphia Mint. In 1864 these coins changed to bronze and Longacre
modified the portrait by sharpening the details and added his initial "L" on the ribbon. His design is based on the one that first appeared in copper before the Civil War.

  • Obverse: Native American wearing a feather head dress along with the year of production.
  • Reverse: Features a wreath of laurel (olive) in the 1859 series. In 1860 until the end of the series the denomination was found within a wreath of oak and olive tied
    at the base with a ribbon and the federal shield above.
  • 12.29 grams Sterling Silver